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Located 15 kilometers from Aix en Provence

Located 15 kilometers from Aix en Provence, the Domaine Château La Coste is an ode to Provence, with its ranges of wines that offer bubbles and colors: red, white and rosé wines, so many possibilities to enhance your dishes for your aperitifs and family meals. Organic and biodynamic wines, which are above all the expression of a terroir and respect for the soil, in harmony with nature. Because at Domaine Château La Coste, wine is also a sculpture that is shaped and developed through artisanal know-how.

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The 200-hectare estate comprises 130 hectares of vineyards and an art centre, featuring artwork by some of the greatest contemporary artists. Here, there’s a simultaneous focus on aesthetic beauty and truly excellent quality which borders on perfection, combining art, architecture and wine.

This wine estate focuses on interpreting the terroir without distorting it by preserving historic grape varieties and carefully controlling yields, having transitioned to organic farming. The priorities? Protecting the terroir and safeguarding the fertility and the very essence of its soils.

This wine estate offers much more than just wine-making: it’s driven by a vision of the land.


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Rosé d'une Nuit 2020
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Grand Vin Rouge 2017
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La Bulle
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