Wine workshops in Provence

Discover the wine workshops in Provence at Château La Coste; sign up for wine-tasting sessions featuring organic wines and learn all about this subtle art.

An enormous architectural struture in Provence which is open to visitors.
Tours of the wine cellars are held throughout the year.

Every day at 11am in french. 
Every day at 2pm in English.
Duration: 90 minutes.

Le chai

Visit to the cellars of jean nouvel


Our teams welcome you to share their passion for wine.
A guided tour of Jean Nouvel's cellars, vats and wine tasting await you at our winery. 

  • The Cellars of Jean Nouvel
    The visit starts with the grape harvest and reception area and then we go 17 metres underground to understand the vinification and the parcel selection.

  • The Tasting 
    The visit ends with a tasting of the estate's wines : rosé, white and red. 
    This is an opportunity to learn the basics of the art of tasting.

  • Visit every day
    in French - 11am
    in English - 2pm


As part of these workshops, visitors to the wine cellars, designed by Jean Nouvel, can learn about the basic principles of wine-making at Château La Coste.

To understand a wine is to be able to interpret its nose and its flavour.

Your introduction to this art can include a blind tasting session, with black glasses to surprise your senses and to help you to learn about wine’s aromas, an introductory course in tasting red, white and rosé wines and a workshop on food and wine pairings – the perfect opportunity to learn to identify your tastes and to create successful pairings with the right wines. Each participant will leave with a half bottle of wine of their choice.