Domaine Château La Coste’s Sparkling Wines from Provence

Buy Domaine Château La Coste’s sparkling wines from Provence online. All you need to do is order the wine you’d like to try. Our online boutique offers secure payment and delivery is guaranteed within 48 hours. Treat yourself to the truly elegant treat of a glass of fizz, packed with delicate bubbles. Are you celebrating a birthday or organising an event? There’s always a special occasion, so choose one of Château La Coste’s sparkling wines. Enjoy delicious fizz from Provence with La Bulle, a sparkling rosé wine with a blend of Grenache and Cinsault grapes. An ode to freshness, this sparkling wine from Domaine Château La Coste has a complex nose of tangy red berries, white fruit and floral notes: it’s the perfect accompaniment throughout your meal, from apéritif to dessert, with an Asian-inspired dish in between. Looking for something easy-to-drink for food and wine pairings? Give in to temptation: opt for one of Domaine Château La Coste’s sparkling wines from Provence and buy our sparkling wines online. As you pour yourself a glass of bubbly, experience a pleasurable sense of well-being as you savour these sparkling bubbles. To enjoy this experience from the comfort of your own home, just visit our online boutique!

Domaine Château La Coste’s Sparkling Wines

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    La Bulle
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The wine cellar

Since 2008, the two above-ground buildings which make up the wine cellar, designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, have been home to harvested grapes and the ripening and bottling processes.

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