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Because wine is a celebratory drink and can be enjoyed on a wide range of occasions, discover our wine-inspired gift ideas in our online boutique. Original gifts for sommeliers, wine lovers and other wine enthusiasts who are fascinated by the world of wine!

Gifts for wine lovers

Visit our online boutique and browse our wide range of wine-inspired accessories for a truly inspired gift. Domaine Château La Coste encourages you to think outside the box: immerse yourself in the wine estate’s cultural history with one of our books, for example, and turn the pages of Château La Coste to embark on a truly artistic adventure.

Château La Coste’s USB sticks have plenty of character! Each one includes a short film of the wine estate - the perfect reminder of your visit and an ideal presentation to show your friends! Drop Stops, aprons, USB sticks, wine stoppers, tote bags, caps, sustainable plastic drinking bottles: choose from a wide range of unusual gift ideas and treat yourself or a loved one to an item which is a genuine work of art.

Wine Gift Ideas